Biotin Interference Using Troponin Laboratory Tests

Bio-assays and Biotin Interference

Healthcare providers, laboratory employees, and lab test developers must bear in mind that biotin, frequently seen in nutritional supplements, may interfere with certain strepravidin based laboratory tests and trigger erroneous test results that might go unnoticed.

Does the FDA Warns which Biotin-streptavidin may interfere with Lab Tests?

They recorded steptavidin-biotin interference in certain lab tests and offer recommendations for Labs, healthcare providers, laboratory personnel and laboratory test makers and programmers.

Considering that the 2017 safety communicating, some laboratory test developers are effective at mitigating the biotin interference of the assays, although some haven’t addressed it.

The FDA remains concerned about particular lab tests which haven’t addressed the chance of biotin-streptavidin interference. In a bid to improve transparency relating to this clinically significant hindrance, the FDA has made a decision to notify the general public about troponin assays who haven’t addressed the chance of biotin disturbance.

FDA recorded troponin In Vitro Diagnostic Devices that are subject to biotin interference but haven’t addressed this particular risk.

Similar problems arise from Macro b12 misinterpretation or Thyroid Function.


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